Annuity Audit

We will help you explore your annuity contract. This can be a simple analysis to a detailed contract specific evaluation. We will cover the advantages as well as the disadvantages and we will even call the annuity company with you.

Is an Annuity a Proper Investment for Me?

We have been reviewing annuities since 1993, and people frequently bring us annuities with features that don’t match their long-term goals. Annuities can certainly fill a role in someone’s retirement planning, especially for guaranteed income and longevity risk. But they are not a one-size-fits-all retirement solution. Therefore, we designed our Annuity Audit service to help educate annuity owners or anyone considering an annuity. Our fact-finding can give you insights on important annuity features including income, fees, penalties, death benefits, riders and more.

How Does Our Annuity Audit Plan Work?

We Get to Know You
& Your Financial Goals
Your annuity should match your
goals so we want to spend some time understanding them.
We Will Provide an
In-Depth Annuity Evaluation
We will share in depth information on your annuity and if it matches up to your goals and best interests.

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